End of High School

Via Daily Post :Final

I’ve spent six years of my life at my high school with amazing friends and teachers… Those were the best years of my life.. I watch my younger brother every morning preparing for school and I miss it… 

White socks, neat uniforms, no nails, hairstyle- practically those things that annoy me, I miss the most..

I have regrets though..

  • Not running off to the field after school hours with my friends.
  • Being too obedient and quiet.
  • Enjoying school food only during my last year.
  • Snubbing most people in my class.
  • Getting angry a lot.
  • Disrespecting most teachers and arguing.
  • Feeling proud atimes.
  • Being maybe way too sarcastic.
  • Anxiety not to do fun stuffs.

But I have things I’m so thankful for

  • My BFFs
  • My friends
  • My classmates
  • My teachers
  • My Juniors
  • My past Seniors
  • My school clerical staff
  • My cordial relationship with everybody
  • My food seller
  • Ice cream seller
  • The mallam at my school front
  • My sick bay for saving my ass lots of time
  • My past and present principal
  • My vice principal who sometimes annoys me
  • My past love
  • Not losing anybody I know

These people raised me, this demented and dysfunctional teen girl, for six years.. I miss them already so much.. You guys are amazing!!! 

You are all family to me


I love you all ❤ xx


6 thoughts on “End of High School

    1. High school where I come from is divided into two.. Junior high and Senior high. Both are three years each.. You go to Junior high after primary school. Do you understand it now?


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